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Brighton Rockers take on the Warrior Run!

Yesterday, on a thankfully sunny Sunday morning, 10 Rockers braved the early morning rise to take on the much-feared Warrior Run, all in the name of supporting their much loved roller derby league.

Split into 2 teams – Team Blue and Team Black – they tackled 6km of challenging obstacles, waded through icy cold swamps and clambered through muddy pits. Team Black came out victorious over Team Blue, crossing the finish line hand-in-hand to claim a narrow victory; both teams finishing both black and blue!

Brighton Rockers would like to extend a huge thank you to all of those that generously donated to support us through the Warrior Run – we have some great plans for your hard-earned cash, all with the goal of encouraging more local women to play roller derby and to grow our league.

Haven’t got around to donating yet? The link is still open for the next 2 days and we will still very happily take contributions – the more the merrier!

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