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What are the Rockers up to?

Join us for our FIRST EVER Tournament - Beach, Please!

25th-26th May 2024 - 

Dolphin Leisure centre, Haywards Heath, RH16 1LY

Join us at we host our first ever home WFTDA tournament. The Rockers will take on 3 teams across 2 days.

Joining us are Leeds Roller Derby A, Rotterdam Death Row Honeys and Wiltshire Roller Derby.

Saturday - Doors open 11am

11.35 - Brighton Rockers vs Rotterdam Death Row Honeys

13:50 - Leeds Roller Derby vs Wiltshire Roller Derby

16:05 - Rotterdam Death Row Honeys vs Leeds Roller Derby

Sunday  - Doors open 10am

10:35 - Brighton Rockers vs Wiltshire Roller Derby

12:50 - Rotterdam Death Row Honeys vs Wiltshire Roller Derby

15:05 - Brighton Rockers vs Leeds Roller Derby

Photo : Michael East 2019

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