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Brighton Rockers Fresh Meat - #2 Got Glutes?

To answer my own question, no, I do not have glutes. Well, not by roller derby standards anyway. It has been three weeks since I last admitted to my derby dormant glutes, but also three weeks since I began my SQUATS homework. And I can honestly say that things are starting to shape up.

The really great thing about derby is not only the great sport it is, but also the people involved. The word can't is absent from the derby dictionary. Everyone works hard to meet their personal goals, to help others meet goals and above all, everyone has fun encouraging each other and getting back up on their wheels when they fall down. Since starting Fresh Meat with the Brighton Rockers, I have been given the advice and encouragement needed to beat the mental and physical obstacles which would otherwise have stood in the way, arms folded! Last week's Fresh Meat training session is testament to this...

Sunday 9th March 2014 paid tribute to my favourite Fresh Meat session so far. Despite being entirely unable to tackle the crossover (at this stage!) and the vast majority of the session being based around this skill, I noticed personal progression in the form of fearlessness. In weeks prior to this, fear was there, taunting me with every wobble and approaching wall, but I've defeated that unnecessary evil and have learnt that if you fall properly (and small!) you'll be able to get back up again and keep trying until the penny drops. This progression is in part due to my increasing physical fitness. Being a runner before starting derby, I thought I was fit, but hey, aerobic fitness is nothing without balance and strength. Like anything you start from scratch, I am noticing even the slightest improvements in my strength and balance, and this is more than enough to give me itchy feet for every next training session.

Oh... and I can plow stop! After being told to sprint the width of our training venue, plow stop from a certain point and avoid the approaching wall, I accomplished it! I may have only managed to come to a complete stop about four times out of ten, but I can do it. Now it's just a case of learning the definition of consistency. For every time I forget this particular definition and ask "who put that wall there!?!?" I'll be told to do ten sit-ups... I want glutes not abs!

Right, I'm off to do some SQUATS to help improve my current glutes rating: Gluteus Min-to-medimus.


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