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Keep the Brighton roller derby team rolling!

We're raising £500 to keep the Brighton roller derby team rolling because we encourage local women to take part in sports!

The Rockers are raising money by sending ten of our skaters to complete the 6km Warrior Run - just like in a bout we've split them in to two teams of 5 - Team Black vs. Team Blue, who do you think will win?!


  • Scare Hostess

  • Racey

  • The Mighty Mighty Bash

  • Rose Bleed

  • Emma the Condemner


  • Shambolic

  • Chaka Carnage

  • Chariot Sophia

  • Enyo Face

  • Kapow!

There are no prizes for the winners other than pride, but with the money raised we will be able to:

  • Pay for our practice venues

  • Continue training our current skaters

  • Run an advertising campaign to attract new skaters and hold organised Fresh Meat sessions to fully train them

  • Host games in the Brighton area where local people can attend

  • Continue supporting local charities

Please visit our Just Giving page - all donations are very much appreciated!

(Please note: money donated does not go towards the entry fee for the run - this has been paid with the skaters own money.)

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