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Brighton Rockers is a roller derby league based in Brighton, UK. Formed in 2010, we have three teams, the Brighton Rockers - our competitive WFTDA A team, the Brighton Rockerbillies - our high-level B Team and our development team the C-Side.


We welcome cisgender, transgender and intersex women as well as non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals. 


We play our home games at The Dolphin Leisure Centre in Haywards Heath and travel all over the world for our away games. 


See our Events page for when you can next see us in action.


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Photo: John Hesse 2020

What they're saying

“Through dedication, application, years of existence and thousands of hours of practice, the Brighton Rockers team have grown into some of the best derby players in Europe. We, the people of Sussex, should be grateful to have them amongst us." Turn Left Magazine

“With the Brighton Rockers having sold out their last three home bouts, and clearly heading for even greater success, they’re only going to become more inspiring." Brighton Source

“We had our hands over our eyes, peering through gaps in our fingers for the odd glimpse. Not daring to watch, pretending that we weren’t, hiding from the tension, the fear, the hope and sheer nervous energy of the most thrilling end to a bout in Brighton Rockers history." Brighton Rockers All Terrain Support

Fan Club

Brighton Rockers All Terrain Support – BRATS – are our official fan club. You will see their dedicated leader Adam at all our home games and most of our away games (just look for the guy with the skates strapped to his commando hat!).


These guys produce fantastic previews and reviews of all of our games in an engaging, unique and exciting style – different to anything you will see in mainstream sports reporting, just as you’d hope for roller derby.


They also produce a fanzine for every home game featuring interviews with skaters, officials and anyone else they fancy – pick up a free copy at the door. 


Check them out, read all the lastest issues of Turn Left and join their crew to keep up with the Rockers at

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